Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have my own Blog! YAY!!!

I won't go into detail! I will just post the link to it and say that he is slandering again and twisting words to try to save face! Enjoy! Oh and there will be one less video on that blog too, very soon!

Karma for Daniel Lasris  UPDATE: The blog was taken down and now I own it!

UPDATE: Okay, I have had a chance to fully review the blog and I have a few counter points to make.

1. "When the time eventually came to end the fun and finally ban her for her dishonesty, cowardice, and rule violation, I noticed that she had made multiple fb accounts under various names, created groups with the same name as my creation group, edited and made fake screen shots, and even created Meme's disrespecting me, my family, my kids, and my sexuality..."
My 4 accounts I have are NOT fake and are all named "Daniel Lasris" except for my very original account which goes by "Katmandew FBA" and hardly gets used anymore! I created a page to mess with him called "Chad Elliott's Grilfreind" but since that one was banned, I no longer use it. I have no groups dedicated to Chad, I do however have one group called "Confronting Ignorance in Religion" which does have a lot of posts and Screen caps about Chad, but at no time has any of them been altered to make him look bad, he does this on his own.
As for the meme's, you can decide for yourself on that. They are on my first blog entry.
As far as his sexuality, no one will ever know for sure. It just really seems strange that he talks about gay people people so much and even calls the people he antagonizes gay. HMMM Your decision! 

2. "First of all, I noticed she owns a business in Bristol, Va. known as "Katmandew."  I've never been there before (because I dont engage in gay, womanly, oe adolecent make-up art), but apparently it's a face and body painting place where its hard to be comfortable.... If you want to find it, heres the link I have provided for you.... ...."
All I have to say about this is, THANK YOU! You have helped advertise my business and when they see it and what I do, they will undoubtedly not believe anything else you have to say!

"It seemed low budget and there are even a few youtube videos where shes begging for funding and sponsorship, not to mention most of her work seems to be done out of her house... "
Obviously he has lost his mind with posting this video. I will let you decide for yourself after watching it.

4. "The first thing I did was go online to see if there were any bad reviews against her business...Apparently one lady accused her of a few disgusting things that I refuse to get into in this blog because I dont know if there is any evidence of it or not...I dont know if the accusations are true or not, and i'm not here to be a judge and jury...Im just posting the facts as I read them...Needless to say I took screen captures of the review and posted it online as a little payback"
As you have seen in my original blog entry, I posted the screen cap he made of the bad review and talked about it. 
Now if you think there are many bad reviews out there for me, let me give you a couple of links and let you find out for yourself! I have listed them by search terms on Google!
bad reviews katmandew face and body art
bad reviews Daniel Lasris
Okay, now you decide for yourself!

5. "...Of course she thought it was me who wrote the review, when in actuality nothing was ever written by me, as I was only doing my investigative work as any credible source would do...."
He may not have written it, but he did instigate it. How else would I have gotten a bad false review just after confronting Chad on his personal attacks?

6. "Once I posted it (the review I found about her business) all over the internet, she called foul and tried to have my fb banned from posting content...haha...didnt happen!! ...But Apparently she didnt like this, and deemed it as an unfair play because the negativity was now directed at her...(Karma sucks mrs Lasris)..."
When you are personally attacked by a person, are you not going to report that individual? I know how much Karma sucks, I have seen it hit everyone who has crossed paths with me like Chad is doing.

7. "So instead of ending it there, she continued to press the issue...Made more Meme's, put my family in more danger, posted lies and dishonesty, and continued on her mission...I thought after my initial payback that this would all cease...I guess I was wrong...So at this point, again I felt the need to fire back because again she refused to let the issue die...This sometimes happens to middle aged women going through menopause.  Its just part of there character."
I never put anyone's life in danger. He made the mistake of posting a an intersection that was easily found on Google Maps and is public record! You can even find out for yourself through Been Verified and sign up for their 14 day FREE Trial! 
The only person putting his family in danger is Chad Elliott, by continuing to antagonize and make personal attacks and slanderous remarks. 
Also, a little research does not hurt and since I have all my info online publicly, he should be able to do the math and see if I was born in 1977, I am not middle aged! LOL He has made this mistake multiple times!

8. "So then I notice she had created a blog...Yes, an entire blog dedicated to me filled with lies, misunderstanding, disrespect, and more dishonesty..."
I guess I will just have to let you decide for yourself whether I gave you any misinformation or dishonesty. I will always disrespect him, for he deserves no respect for the actions and demeanor he has towards others.

9. "So, The next thing I did was challenge her to a live debate...she refused because she knew she couldnt defeat me...(I expected this because she had already lost to me sooooo many times on FB that she must had realised there was no chance for victory) so I had to find a way to document our entire exchange..I decided to inbox her and record it....this is the youtube video showing her cowardice and refusal to answer direct questions...not only did she refuse a to answer the AKs questions she also threatened to call he police and lawyers multiple times on me...some of that can be seen in this email exchange...(When you cant win, call the cops!! haha)"
This has also already been discussed in my blog entry before this one and you can see this is dishonest of him to put on his blog.

10.  "I eventually was forced to send 3,500 emails to random people I could find in Bristol, Va. on this persons apparent actions...It was not my intention to cause her or her business any harm, but rather let the good citizens of Bristol know what they have in their community...A godless monster, who hates the lord, puts others in danger, disrespects the law and authority, and has bad reviews about her business that she tries to hide...Sorry, but in this country its perfectly legal to warn others, and post business reviews...If you dont like the reviews you can take that up with another"
This falls under Defamation of Character and is illegal in all 50 states even Online. His intent WAS to harm me and my business and there are screen caps to show his intent was malice.
To find out more click this link: Online Defamation Law  

11. "So the last thing that was said was that she is going to have her lawyers call me...That was this morning...Im still waiting...LMFAO"
As of right now I am waiting to hear back from several Lawyers I have contacted on this issue. When I do, I am sure he will hear something!

12.  "*Error...I just found out that 'She' (Daniella Lasris) is actually a 'He' (Daniel)...Please forgive me and the many mistakes as it pertains to gender throughout this post."
It is hard to miss that I am a guy when all my accounts say "Daniel Lasris" and my profile states I am Male and I have a male voice in the video he used to try to slander me. This just goes to show that he knows nothing about law or how to handle these types of matters. They were NOT mistakes and if they were, he could have easily changed everything instead of making this comment at the bottom of the blog.

So after all this, the rest is just repetitive or talks too much about himself and his illogical irrational Elliot Argument. He is trying to save face and is failing miserably at it!

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