Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chad Elliott takes it way to far now!

It has been almost 2 years since Chad Elliott has attacked my business and tried to ruin it with his solipsism. Now he has done it again and this time has made a fake page to discredit me and my business.

I have requested that everyone visit the page and report it for harassment or anything else they can think of. This page was created by Chad and he made another theist named Bradley Lepping admin. He is using Bradley as a scapegoat and not admitting anything on the page is his doing. He even tried to apologize, in a round about way and says he asked Bradley to take it down.

Chad is still admin of the page and Bradley is only the editor, so there is no way it can be taken down by Bradley. 

Now the page was taken down, but was put back up a few days after this post was made by Chad and he is still admin of the page.

He has also gone as far as to discredit me by changing the fake page name just so he could make a post and screen cap it before changing the name back to make it look as if it was a post I made on my original page.

Anyone who knows me will know this is something I would never say, not even joking! You can find the original image on his blog where he is trying to defame me.  http://www.theatheistkilla.blogspot.com/2014/06/tri-cities-atheist-society-and.html

Because of this, I had to change my business profile pic and coverphoto. Here is the new coverphoto with my disclaimer on it:

Now if you notice the blog, it states the Tri Cities Atheist Society. This is what started it all off as he was stalking me and my pages. He even has gone as far as to edit comments I have made saying the parts he took out were irrelevant. Funny, but if parts are irrelevant, than so are the parts theists claim are out of context when an atheist quotes scripture at them. Here is an example of editing that shows his dishonesty:

His dishonesty is overstepping boundaries once again and I have contacted the FBI and lawyers in this matter. This is Cyber Stalking and Identity Theft to discredit a business and Fraud.

Now if you are wondering what the Tri Cities Atheist Society is, you can visit our WordPress Blog and Facebook Page.

I don't think I need to say anything else on this matter, as I am sure you can all distinguish the truth for yourself.