Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elliot Argument Disproved & Promise Needs to be Kept!

This is a simple argument to disprove. I do not even have to go into philosophy, quantum physics or anything, I can disprove it by simply what Chad Elliott has said in the past!

Now here is the Elliott Argument: UPDATE: He took the video down, so now you have to visit his blog in order to read through a whole bunch of bullshit:

So we as Atheists only have 2 option according to him, STE and SCPNCEU. I will not get into what they are as Chad has already said that they are irrational and illogical and have no evidence. So if that is the case, then why would we choose from only those 2 options?

We don't! Chad has setup this argument with a 100% failure rate and tries to use his limited knowledge to own everyone.

As this argument is irrational and illogical with no evidence, it defeats itself and is no longer valid as an argument. This is how it is DISPROVED.

Now with that out of the way, he says he will debate any atheist on this argument as long as they follow HIS rules! Here are 2 videos that are about his debates:

UPDATE: the above video is another of his sad attempts to save face by deleting videos.

His definitions of a debate are correct, but he fails to see what he is doing. As you can see he thinks he can be the moderator of his own debates and make rules that only favor his debates. If you do not believe this, there are several more videos where he fails. These you will have to look up on your own on his YouTube channel, The Atheist Killa.

One thing I want to set straight is the statement he made in his second video where he says that Atheists lie and mislead individuals. If this as true, we would not have any evidence to support our claims. He argues with lack of evidence and then tries to say we are lying.

He recently backed out of a debate he was supposed to have on Sept 8th, 2012 at 11PM PST but because of his ego, he dropped out trying to declare a win because of dishonesty. At no time was anyone dishonest and Chad even admits to watching a group he is no longer a part of to try to catch an individual at lying. Since the group is public and everyone can see what goes on there, there is NO dishonesty involved. Chad forfeited his own debate and made accusations instead of admitting defeat.

Here is a video he put up saying he owned this individual:
UPDATE: And of course he would back out of his promise and delete the video. 

Here are some screen shots from the discussion they had in messages before the debate:

(Click on images to enlarge)

Now because Chad was dishonest himself, although I do not have proof he added the rules to his video after the fact, he essentially forfeited the debate himself. I am not saying he was scared, but it looks like he tried to find every opportunity to not debate this individual.

This being said, he does have a PROMISE to keep. Here is the video of that promise:

If he does not keep his promise because of his defeat or because of this entry, he will be forever know as a liar and dishonest person and should not be taken seriously from this point forward.

As always, I will let you decide on what to think about this and Chad Elliott!


  1. He recently challenged me. Any advice?

    1. Take as many screenshots as you can and post them on

  2. I made him a website!